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Quality: Sticker Perfection

After much trial and error, our small team has come up with a collection of supreme materials along with a method that produces vibrant, un-flimsy, premium-feel stickers. Our custom technique combines re-stickable matte sticker paper with an added plastic layer on top, which makes these stickers waterproof and scratch-proof. Meanwhile, the perfect kiss cut made from our sticker-cutter, creates a professional shape. Oh, and btw... These stickers last 7+ years. 

The #1 Meme Store

Why put this much effort into stickers, you ask? Our online store was founded by two friends from Stockholm. Everyone can enjoy a good meme. But why limit them to the digital world? Our mission is to bring memes into the real world. To unite people and to spread laughter and smiles (cheesy). Our goal is to make okmemes the number #1 shop for every item meme-related, and stickers are only the beginning. 

2 Friends...

Our online store was founded by two friends from Stockholm. Our combined humor is what fueled the creation of okmemes. And though we are based in the capital of Sweden, okmemes provides worldwide shipping, and this is possible due to our smooth and inexpensive shipping procedure.

3 - Step Process


Sticker paper



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